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Septic Excavation
Septic Excavation
Septic Excavation


A septic tank inspection from TLC Septic & Excavation Inc specialists involves an in-depth assessment of every accessible component within your system. We carefully evaluate your tank to determine its overall integrity, composition according to the needs of your home or business in Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, Three Forks .

TLC Septic & Excavation Inc septic system inspections help to avoid major repairs

Every time TLC pumps your septic system we perform a visual inspection , check your pump and floats as well as static levels in the tanks(s).

Inspect your septic tank before buying or selling

Our professional evaluations offer security and advantages to buyers when making an offer on a property in Belgrade, Bozeman, Manhattan, Three Forks as well as the surrounding areas. Sellers are also advised to conduct a septic tank inspection in order to rectify any problems before placing their property on the market. Qualified inspection of any septic tank system before purchasing a home is crucial. Call TLC Septic & Excavation Inc at (406) 388-7696 to schedule an appointment at the same time as your home inspection for added peace of mind when selling or buying.


Once a drain field is clogged it must be replaced at the cost of several thousand dollars. In addition, without proper inspection and maintenance of your septic system you run the risk of contaminating ground water; incurring serious plumbing damages to your home or business and negatively affecting water resources in surrounding areas.

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